The Dreams on Heron St. blog is my journey to create passive income. 
For a long time, (more than 10 years 😮 ), I’ve been thinking of opening an online shop. However, life pulled me in different directions: kids, work building a house etc…and it’s kind of fade away during those years. Moreover, the internet wasn’t that fast and the lack of information and resources held me back from starting out with this new online world. 

About a year ago, I’ve made up my mind to give it a try and opened a shopify store and than Etsy shop (you can read more about it here). I started to read LOTS of articles and blogs and listen to podcasts, all related to business in the online world.

I’ve decided to write this blog, so I can share things I’ve learned and still learning along the way.  Whether it’s how to sell on Etsy, graphic design tutorials, blogging’s insights and much more.

If you’re a newbie in this ecommerce and blogging world, I hope you’ll find this blog useful and helpful. So come join me as we work out this online business together.

What’s next? 
If you’re interested in building an online shop without holding an inventory, make sure to read my guide on print on demand companies here. If you’re more into graphic design tips for you blog/online shop check my posts here

Now, without any further ado, let our adventure begins….