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  • how to add signature to wordpress blog post

    3 Simple Ways to add a signature to WordPress blog post

    Did you know, that by adding a signature to your blog post you add a touch of personality to your post and give your audience a feeling that there’s a human person behind the blog they’re reading? In this post you will learn how to add a signature to your blog post in a very simple way. Read More

  • how to add google analytics to wordpress

    How to add Google analytics to wordpress?

    As a blogger you need to understand your audience, know how they interact with your posts and more. Google Analytics gives you all of these insights and that is why you must add it to your wordpress. This post will show you how to do so. Read More

  • how to create flat lay

    How to Create Flat Lay?

    Are you a lifestyle blogger who want your followers to buy your products recommendations? or maybe you’re a shop owner who wants to sell your products?
    In this post I’ll show you how to create stylish flat lay, that will attract people to buy your products. Read More

  • feminine stock photos

    My 15 favorite feminine stylish stock photos sites

    You wrote this great post for your blog and was looking for this beautiful feminine stylish photo. Well, let me help you. In this post I gathered 15 sites, that give you stylish photos for free. Go grab them.
    (pssst…I also have a little gift for you in this post). Read More